Pennsylvania Rural Health Association - Home Page


The Pennsylvania Rural Health Association is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of Pennsylvania's rural citizens and communities. Through the combined efforts of individuals, organizations, professionals, and community leaders, the Association is a collective voice for rural health issues and a conduit for information and resources.


The goals of the Pennsylvania Rural Health Association are to:

  • Serve as an advocate for rural health development at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Maintain a coordinated rural health emphasis in federal, state, and local health policy development and implementation
  • Promote improved rural health services
  • Provide continuing education opportunities for rural health professionals
  • Improve awareness and public education of rural health issues.
  • Foster cooperative partnerships to improve rural health
  • Provide opportunities for leadership development through active membership involvement
  • Promote regulatory flexibility and effectiveness for rural health care providers
  • Promote the maintenance and enhancement of Pennsylvania's rural health infrastructure

Status Check VI: Pennsylvania Rural Health

The revised edition of PRHA's flagship publication, Status Check VI provides an update on Pennsylvania rural health care. The document raises awareness on the issues impacting the delivery of health care services in rural areas of the state, including rural emergency services, the rural elderly, migrant farm worker health needs, oral health issues, telehealth services, behavioral health, and more. The document is tailored to inform discussions among those who can make a difference in the health of, and health care for, rural residents. Status Check VI is a collaborative effort by representatives from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock University, and The Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health.